Wellness is always trending. That’s why detoxes are particularly fashionable. But detoxes aren’t just a trending fad. They actually work—and therein lies their popularity.

But not all detoxes are created equal. Many detoxes address only the physical side of wellness, and overlook the necessary spiritual and mental aspects that comprise your truest self. After all, every person is comprised of a body, mind and soul, and a true detox should improve the wellness of each of these aspects of Happy You.

Here 6 surprising, happiness-boosting reasons you should start detoxing today.

Cleanse your body, mind and soul
Your truest happiness lies in achieving a complete balance within your inner self, which results in peace with the external world. By cleansing your body, mind and soul, a detox enables you to replace the inner discord with harmony. The new sense of all-over wellness and serenity will enable you to be the Happy You that you were meant to be!

Boost metabolism
The foods you eat matter! Food is the fuel that keeps your body and mind going strong. When paired with an exercise routine, you can regain your energy and enable your body to utilize nutrients to function properly. By removing the toxic buildup and learning smarter strategies for eating and exercising, you can eliminate the heaviness and kick your metabolism into high gear.

Become more aware
A true detox must focus on more than the physical side alone. It should guide you toward becoming more aware, not only of the foods you eat, but of your own thought processes and internal world. Detoxes help you learn to slow down and truly appreciate every bite, every taste, every feeling—every input that comes through your senses. As you do so, you’ll learn to listen to your internal processes to become your truest self.

Enhance relationships
When you learn to treat yourself lovingly by enhancing the connection and wellness of your body, mind and soul, you unlock the key to better relationships with the people and world around you. You can’t love others well if you don’t start by loving yourself first. By being at harmony with yourself, you can extend that love to others more fully and naturally.

Increase performance
A detox turbocharges your performance. By eliminating the toxic sludge that builds up from poor nutrition and stress, you’ll discover more energy and a renewed zest for life. Your new sense of wellbeing will orient you toward action, and help you overcome whatever challenges might arise in life.

Discover internal power
You are full of untapped internal power. By getting rid of the mental blockades that hold you back from achieving your fullest potential, you’ll become more grounded and develop a new sense of inner strength.

Are you ready to take the next step in the journey of Happy You? Break through internal obstacles to turbocharge your life by grabbing a friend for support and signing up for the be&behappy True Detox Challenge today!

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