Summer travel season is quickly approaching, and that means one thing: new warm weather adventures to keep Happy You feeling youthful and energized. And although travel often gets a bad rap for causing us to lose our healthy habits, new studies show that travel is actually the best medicine for Happy You!

Traveling increases productivity, which is why employers in Spain and Germany provide their employees with 34 paid days of holiday each year. The result? A more dedicated work force that gets more done in less time. But there are more benefits than productivity alone. Traveling is important for your wellbeing because it beats stress and other potentially damaging effects to your health. Taking a break is really an investment in your health!

So as you get ready for your summer adventures, keep these 5 happy hacks in mind to ensure your travel is filled with energy, positivity and wellbeing.

Hack 1. Drink lots of water

We’re generally more aware of our H20 intake during our normal daily routine, but in the hurry and excitement of vacation we may forget. It doesn’t take long before our bodies become dehydrated. So keep that water bottle handy, whether you’re in the city, the mountains or at the beach.

Hack 2. Get out of bed

Vacation is about relaxing and enjoying life in new ways—but that doesn’t mean you have to stay in bed all day. Create vacation habits that fuel your energy, your days, and your next adventure. Establish breathing rituals to energize you from the moment you wake up in the morning. Express gratitude for life’s blessings and people you care about. Find something inspiring to read or listen to. Waking up in the morning is it’s own blessing, and your pathway to a vibrant life.

Hack 3. Exercise by doing something fun

Travel can promote an active lifestyle. Being a tourist can have you walking up to ten miles a day while visiting a theme park or sightseeing in an unfamiliar city. Vacationers may also be more likely to try new activities while in a new place, like canoeing or exploring caves. So find something fun to do, or an exciting place to explore, and get moving!

Hack 4. Enjoy the regional flavors

Trying new and unique cuisines is a favorite ritual for the excitement-loving traveler. Fun, new bistros and eateries are popping up everywhere that offer amazingly tasty, healthy choices. Fresh, healthful food choices will keep your energy level high. So step out of your comfort zone to enjoy some yummy, regional bites.

Hack 5. Be good to your soul

Since you have some time to relax, be sure to nourish not only your body, but your mind and soul as well. You may choose to dedicate time to silent reflection or inspirational reading, but be certain to devote a few moments to releasing mental and emotional negativity. Cleansing and nurturing the triune balance of body mind and soul in your life to experience your best Happy You.

Focusing on maintaining your healthy, balanced self means becoming increasingly self-aware. Keep in mind that you need frequent breaks for refreshment. Don’t feel guilty about taking time to reenergize yourself. Know that for every moment you allow yourself to slow down and rejuvenate, you’re experiencing myriad benefits to keep you going strong in body, mind and soul. So relax! That’s the best recipe for maintaining your Happy You!

For more tips on achieving a balanced life, check out our Detox Challenge and discover your happiest self.

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