Biohacking is trending, and for good reason. But have you ever heard about the connection to Happiness? The simple combination of big data with lifestyle modifications for the health of mind and body are easy to follow, but the results are dramatic. Incorporating good nutrition, meditation and fitness into your day-to-day creates a sharper mind, a fitter frame, a more fulfilling life—and ultimately, a Happy You.

This vision of health that has overtaken Silicon Valley and the world isn’t a new one. The wisdom of rishis, yogis and gurus has long claimed the benefits of a balanced, healthy life. The ancient traditions branded the original biohacking method—Ayurveda.

The ancients knew that happiness never just happens—it’s something you must choose, everyday. While there are a number of external factors that affect happiness levels, there are some practical steps you can take every day to “optimize” your body chemistry and improve your state of mind.

Follow these steps to boost your happiness quotient and biohack your way to a healthier, more joyful you:

Eat right

Eat less, more often. Replace your three daily meals with five smaller meals for an automatic metabolism boost and increased energy. Healthy fats like avocado, olive oil and grass-fed butter will fuel you through work, exercise and whatever else may come your way. Adding supplements like protein for muscle building, magnesium for stress, and ginger and turmeric for immune health and inflammation all help the body stay healthy—which in turn keeps the mind active and young.

Spend time with others

Friends and family can do wonders for the soul—and for the more tangible health of the body. Social interactions cause the release of oxytocin in the brain, which creates feelings of happiness. If you want to add an instant smile to your face—and someone else’s in the process—pick up the phone and call an old friend or reach out to someone new.

Sleep tight

The power of a good night’s sleep cannot be underestimated. It can make or break your mood, productivity and overall wellbeing. Get into a routine of going to bed and rising at the same times each day. Disconnect from your range of devices and make time for meditation every evening, followed by 7-9 hours of sleep. Your body will thank you.

Show gratitude

Happiness is never found in accumulating “stuff” or attaining status—it comes from within. Take a few minutes each day and focus on the things you are thankful for and you’ll find yourself feeling happier and ready to focus on the good.

Biohacking isn’t a series of calculated moves to upgrade your body. It’s an interconnection of mind, body, spirit—and it’s as simple as breathing. Search for purpose in your day-to-day, make moves to reduce stress, and show your body some love for all the amazing things it does for you. Sure, biohacking may improve your performance and productivity—but remember that the joy you’ll get out of living an abundant life is its own reward. True success is measured by a Happy You.

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