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The Agni Booster (formerly Booster Energy) ignites your Agni – your inner fire energy – in a natural way. Based on ayurvedic wisdom it contains a well-balanced blend of ayurvedic digestive herbs and spices and ignites your digestive fire.

  • Ignites the fire energy in you
  • Kickstart for your metabolism
  • Raises your mood

Only natural, vegan ingredients. No caffeine or stimulants, made in Germany.

Origin of the ingredients: Non-EU.

One bottle with 120 capsules for 30 days of supply.

Shipment only to Germany and Austria.

Delivery time: 2-4 days*

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The Agni Booster ignites your inner fire energy in a natural way. It goes directly to the roots by using the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and contains ayurvedic digestive herbs and spices. It is based completely on natural, vegan raw materials. It is safe and effective, making you feel energized. Plus it is made in Germany.

And the inner fire comes from a well-balanced blend of selected ayurvedic herbs and spices from around the world – not from caffeine or stimulants.
Origin of the ingredients: Non-EU.

✓ Ayurvedic digestive herbs and spices
✓ vegan,
✓ gluten-free,
✓ natural raw materials,
✓ no artificial additives,
✓ no caffeine,
✓ no stimulants,
✓ no sugar,
✓ made in Germany.

One bottle lasts for 30 days with the recommended daily intake of 4 capsules. We recommend to continue with the Agni Booster after the first month as a regular food supplement for maintaining the results.

Shipment only to Germany and Austria.

Product information
Food supplement with digestive ayurvedic herbs and ayurvedic black salt.
120 capsules, net weight 110 g

Adults are recommended to take 2 capsules after a meal twice a day with sufficient water. Best after lunch and after diner. The recommended daily intake must not be exceeded.
Food supplements should not be taken as an substitute for an adequate and balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Keep the product closed and out of reach of small children.
Protect from light and heat and store in a dry place. Close well after withdrawal.

Black salt (rock salt (unioniated), 1% seidlitzia stocksii), cumin seeds*, coriander powder*, coating hypromellose, pomegranate extract, ginger powder*, black pepper*, cardamom*, fennel powder*, cinnamon*, garcinia mangostin fruit extract.
*organic (81% of the agricultural ingredients come from organic farming)
Öko-Kontrollstelle DE-ÖKO-003

With the recommended daily intake of 4 capsules (4g) you ingest
black salt 660 mg (*) (includes chloride 380 mg [47,5% of Nutrient Reference Value] and sodium 247  mg (*))
cumin seeds, ground 528 mg (*)
coriander powder, ground 495 mg (*)
pomegranate extract 396 mg (includes ellagic acid 158 mg) (*)
ginger powder 297 mg (*)
black pepper, ground 264 mg (includes piperine 11 mg) (*)
cardamom, ground 231 mg (*)
fennel powder 132 mg (*)
cinnamon 99 mg (*)
garcinia mangostin fruit extract 99 mg (includes mangostin 10 mg) (*)
* no Nutrient Reference Value established

be&behappy GmbH
14532 Kleinmachnow

Shipment only to Germany and Austria.

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10 reviews for Agni Booster

  1. Prakash Iyer, New Jersey USA

    Made with the German perfection we’ve come to expect, this is an amazing vegan product made from organic, natural ingredients with digestive herbs. I started noticing the effects within 3 weeks of regular use when I simply felt better and had a feeling of lightness in my body and increased energy and mental alertness in my daily activities. Danke Be&behappy for this wonderful product.

  2. Fareni

    Dear be&behappy Team,

    I have to admit that I am lazy & skeptical person concerning food supplements/ super foods. The vegan market is currently flooded with tons of products so that I lost the interest due to overpresence.
    When I got to know the BOOSTER ENERGY I had no interest in taking it until a friend of mine gave it to me after lunch during a high work load period. It was the first time in my life that I had more energy after eating than before!

    Since I take the BOOSTER ENERGY on a daily basis I feel lighter, awake & dynamic. Especially during the dragging winter days it pushed my entire system!

    No lunch nor dinner without my BOOSTER ENERGY.

  3. Karen L.

    I take the energy booster now for a while. I am very satisfied. I can also eat in the canteen. With the energy booster a can tolerate even the canteen food. I feel less full and tired after taking it. And I don’t have these lows at work so often. I have seen that the gap between eating and taking the herbs shouldn’t be too big. You should take them immediately after food.
    I can strongly recommend them! I find it terrific that they are there and that you are there!

    Keep up the good work!

    (Translation of the original German review)

  4. Elvira K. (verified owner)

    With Energy booster I have energy throughout the day. And as a result naturally more strength and joy, because now I can do more things again. I have no more energy-low – even after a meal.

    (Translation of the original German review)

  5. Beatrice K. (verified owner)

    I think the Energy Booster is awesome. I feel that I have more energy. I have underestimated the Reset however. I thought that it might be not sooo important. But my body and my intestines in particular have literally demanded it.
    I have the feeling that it was really important to give my body the chance for a new start, when I switched to the Energy Booster.

    (Translation of the original German review)

  6. Nina K.

    I feel more balanced and generally more positive!
    I am starting to dream at night and to remember my dreams!
    I simply feel more positive, better and more alert!

    It would be really great, if the 3-days Weekend Energy Reset Program was available in German as well.
    By the way, I have not received the PDF file per mail after my order.

    (Translation of the original German review)

    • Manfred Gutheins

      Thanks for your feedback. We are just working on the German translation of the Weekend Energy Reset program. And sorry for the missing email. There was a problem in our system, which we have solved now. I have sent the file to you by mail.

      Keep on, be happy!


  7. Nirdosh

    Only after using it for two weeks, my co-workers in the office are saying, you look so young and energetic. Whats that reason behind it ? I would say the reason is Booster Energy. Thank you BeAndBeHappy.

  8. Nirdosh

    Only after using it for two weeks, my co-workers in the office are saying, you look so young and energetic. Whats that reason behind it ? I would say the reason is Booster Energy. Thank you BeAndBeHappy.

  9. Irina

    It is certainly no miracle that makes you high as soon as you take it. Be&behappy with digestive herbs works harmoniously and in a very pleasant way. This makes you feel automatically fitter!

  10. Christian Nicolai

    Using Energy Booster for 4 days…just great and so supportive to feel good and I can say that the pills have a contribution to my happiness, since I feel better and my love Nina tells me, that I look happier 🙂 …will continue this journey.
    How do I do it:
    2 pills in the morning with my barley grass juice. I open the pills and use a magic-stick to nicely get the flavor into the juice…. yeah!!!
    2 pills in the evening. Just straight after dinner.

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