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How to shift to human technology in a going AI driven world

Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been all the rage as innovators create and discover new applications for machines. As a result, the future of humanity sometimes appears uncertain as the capabilities of machines begin to supplant our roles, or demand more of our focus and time. We quickly forget that the most spectacular technology of all is hardwired within us—in the essence of our beings.

Our innate human intelligence is the truest form of innovation and the deepest technology that ever existed. It’s the ability to feel good about yourself, your body and your life, find joy in your relationships, and have a meaningful life resonating within you. The human technology within is the birthplace of artificial intelligence and all manner of tech innovations. It also taps into the very human feeling of happiness that separates us from machines.

Consider this your quick guide to discovering your human technology.

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The technological challenge

The truth is, technology isn’t really a problem. It’s what we make of it. Technology that improves on existing systems to simplify life truly is progress. But it can quickly shift into the problem zone when it takes over our lives, and becomes a habit that affects productivity, human potential and true happiness. Too often, we’re searching for something deeper, and trying to artificially achieve it through technology—turning it into our addiction and vice.

Regaining control of your life

Technology can be great in the right context—as a tool, not a crutch. If you want to take your life back from the machines, you must become conscious of how technology is changing, and how it’s changing you.

That’s why tech adoption should always be preceded by asking yourself these questions: How will it benefit me? What will it lead to? Why am I using it? What am I really attempting to recreate?

Once you stop using technology as a mask or crutch, you can enjoy it fully because you’ll understand its purpose—to improve and not take over your life.

How human intelligence still trumps AI

Machines are increasingly becoming part of our lives. But the truth is that even the greatest wonders of the tech world can’t compete with the wonders of you. Here are 4 ways your innate tech powers set you light years ahead of computers.


  • Program yourself


Machines must be programmed and told when to run. Your technology is always running, whether sleeping or awake. And you have the power to program yourself to achieve optimal results in body, mind and soul, so that you can run at full throttle toward every action you consciously take.


  • Make a decision


Computers act on patterns and work within specific parameters. Humans have the power of choice and decision-making. While we may not always make the best decisions, we learn from them and grow from them. Our approach to decision-making is based on a number of complex internal and external factors far too complex for the strongest computer to ever imitate.


  • Design your life


Human beings have the ability to determine and master their lives. By choosing how to lead your inner self, you can tap into greater energy, youth, excitement, awareness, peace and true, connecting love. Machines lack creativity and dreams, and can’t act toward, or achieve, happiness.

  • reprogram your human AI
  • Activate happiness

Machines lack the ability to feel and enjoy life. Your human technology allows you to tap into brilliance and creativity, and realize an inner freedom. As you activate the technological masterpiece of your mind and connect with yourself and with others, you’ll discover untapped fulfillment and your greatest happiness.

Even on their best days, the most technologically advanced machines can’t compute what it is to be human. Despite the ongoing battle between man and machine, we would venture to say that man still does, and always will, come out the winner—no matter how advanced technology becomes.

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