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Turmeric: The key to a Beautiful, Happy You

If you’ve ever traveled to the East, you’ve likely come across turmeric, a vivid gold-yellow root that has long been lauded for its miraculous health benefits. An essential in Ayurvedic and Chinese healing philosophies, this vibrantly-hued relative of ginger is…

6 Surprising Reasons You Should Start Detoxing Today


Wellness is always trending. That’s why detoxes are particularly fashionable. But detoxes aren’t just a trending fad. They actually work – and therein lies their popularity. Discover six surprising, happiness-boosting reasons you should start detoxing today.

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Stressed Out? Try These 3 Simple Strategies


We all know what it feels like to be stressed. But in today’s busy, time-strapped world, it’s easy to ignore the signs of stress — anxiety, impatience, insomnia, fear, lack of motivation, loneliness— or just consider them part of the daily grind.

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5 Vegan Snacks We Can’t Live Without


At be&behappy, we know that “healthy” doesn’t have to be synonymous with ‘boring.” We love discovering new, delicious foods that keep us — and our tastebuds! — energized throughout the day. Want to boost your health and happiness? Try these five healthy vegan snacks.


The Secret to a Healthy, Happy Detox

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Detoxing might seem like a new phenomenon, but in reality, people have been detoxifying for millions of years. At be&behappy, we understand that a detox isn’t just about losing weight or cleansing the body; it’s also about cleaning and refreshing the mind and spirit.